Crooner / Master of Ceremonies
charity auctions, fundraisers, "Vegas Night", opening act, weddings, parties, corporate meetings, elder celebrations

From a solo performance with backing tracks to a full, 18-piece Big Band! Large stages, small stages, impossibly small stages, NO stages, living rooms, back yards, indoors, outdoors, yachts, trains, airplanes, tree houses, assisted living facilities, group homes

Pricing options to fit any budget!

About Tim Kraft: I grew up in Bellingham, Washington. I started singing Frank Sinatra songs in the early 1990s, using pre-recorded backing tracks, mostly in assisted living facilities. Since that time, I have continued to add songs to my repertoire. In 2019, a long-time dream came true and I began singing with actual big bands: Dr. Jimmy's Swing Time Serenaders and the Bellingham Swing Connection. This has allowed me to "scale" my shows to work in almost any venue regardless of size. I can perform in a 5' x 5' space with pre-recorded backing tracks OR I can arrange to fill a large concert hall stage with one of my 18-piece big bands!

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